CJB Staffing Solutions are known for not only supplying staff, but also for actively managing staff on site thereby assisting our customers with efficiencies that go far beyond those of a normal staff supplier.

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Potential Opportunities – A Company that opens doors

Our company offers a vast array of job opportunities crossing multiple industry sectors.

All of our internal staff have come from a working environment where they too were looking for work via a recruitment company.

It was their time with CJB and the support we showed that allowed them to move to the next stepping stone in their working life..

At CJB Staffing solutions , we are always on the lookout for keen , enthusiastic and hardworking individuals that we can help and assist in developing skills and confidence that pushes them to better opportunities and higher earnings.

Over the years , Many people who we have encountered have gone on to roles both within our own industry or within companies and clients worldwide.

Take a moment to drop us a call .. as we could be the solution you’ve been waiting to meet.

Are you a business looking for full time staff 

Here at CJB we are always keen to help not only our staff but also our clients in finding staff that fill full time positions. From Managers and supervisors to general staff and specialist staff… we have successfully covered all areas. If you are a client and are looking for a full time position to be filled .. drop one of our specialists a call.
Our response could save you thousands of pounds in head hunter fees and temp to perm fees.

Meet the team


    CEO [email protected]

    A recruiter since 1997 and a believer that everything is achievable if you work hard enough.
    Carl has made his way up through the ranks and at every stage has used his skills to create a company that does what it says on the tin.
    CJB was founded in 2010 and is in fact named after the initials of his 3 children (Caprice, Jessica and Brandon).
    Both in work and out .. Carl believes that life is about making things happen ..and ensuring those around you
    Feel part of something that is fun and dynamic .
    Favourite quote: The elevator to success is broken .. you will need to use the stairs ..one step at a time.


    OPERATIONS MANAGER [email protected]

    Initially came to CJB as a waiter working in hotels .. But now after 10 years in the business is firmly positioned in the important role of Operations Manager at CJB Stratford .
    Dafe is a true believer in honesty is the best policy .. and always ensures his team are confident in supporting the clients they represent .
    Never afraid of the hard work that the recruitment industry requires ..dafe is always on hand 24/7 to gain as much success for every client he is involved with… After all ..Clients and staff are the reason we exist.
    Out of work , Dafe is a Keen Politician who avidly watches the Global ups and downs of the political world.
    Favourite quote: Life has two rules #1 never quit #2 always remember rule 1


    DIRECTOR [email protected]

    James is an experienced recruiter who over many years has built a substantial knowledge of the industries that he represents.
    As a truly all round professional , James has been able to build strong relationships in every sector .. so much so that he also works within these sectors as an on- site manager to assist our clients.
    In this time , James extra support to our clients has proved to be the envy of the industry and has allowed us to not only supply clients with the correct staff calibre , but also assist in operating at the front line of the industry.
    James currently looks after the VIP side of CJB Staffing solutions and is the head of CJB Healthcare and CJB PRIME .
    Favourite Quote: Don’t wait for the perfect moment ..take the moment and make it perfect.


    ADVISOR / PA / Compliance [email protected]

    With an exceptional career within the Civil service , Denise brings her administrative mind to CJB and ensures procedures are followed and the support behind the scenes is constant and relevant.
    The recruitment world is highly complex and as such someone is always needed to keep an eye on processes and ensure all compliance is accurate and on point.
    Denise joined CJB in 2015 and has been a key player in ensuring the company achieved its goals.
    Outside of work Denise is a family orientated individual who is always keen to help others and always happy to try something new ..
    Favourite Quote: The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.



    Tom Joined CJB in 2022 and had previously come from a sales background in Retail.

    Originally born and bread in Newcastle, Tom moved to London to seek more opportunity and Diversity in Life.

    Since he moved, he has successfully built a career in Sales and has Joined the CJB sales team with the determination to make it the best service provider possible.

    In 2022, Tom welcomed his first child (Baby Isla) which has transformed his life in every respect.


    RECRUITMENT MANAGER [email protected]

    Gerda Joined CJB mid 2021 after the COVID pandemic lifted its grip on the world.

    A highly Motivated and well organised individual, Gerda brings an endless amount of recruitment expertise to the CJB team.

    Having done a variety of Admin and sales assistant work, Gerda settled into the recruitment industry before stumbling across an Advert from CJB.

    From that day to this, she has been instrumental in helping CJB not only Recruit staff, but also ensure that all new recruits are engaged to the high standards CJB expects.


    OPERATIONS CONSULTANT [email protected]

    Biswas had previously worked with CJB during the Olympics as a supervisor and as an onsite manager at some of CJB’s more complex clients.

    In 2015 he ventured into the world of sales before being approached by the CEO of CJB to make a return in 2022.

    Biswas has a wealth of understanding when it comes to staff operations. Ensuring staff understand what is expected of them and ensuring our contractors feel welcomed when they start working for our organisation.

    Since his return to CJB, Biswas has provided a new confidence to all our clients and contractors and has ensured we remain the Go to Supplier for High Quality and consistency .


    ADMIN ASSISTANT [email protected]

    Caprice has a unique place within CJB as she is the C ..of CJB (SEE THE Bio of the CEO)

    A pre school Room Manager by trade, Caprice spent most of her first years looking after children under 5 Years old.

    When parenthood came in early 2022, She decided that now was the time to join the folds of CJB and assist part time with all the various Admin duties and Payroll.

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