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CJB Staffing Solutions offers it's Clients and prospective Clients an expertise and capability from over 25 years of experience in the contract employment industry. CJB Staffing Solutions is an independent recruitment consultancy that prides itself on it's service delivery and it's attention to detail in every action.


For the past 25 years, CJB Staffing solutions has navigated its way to all corners of the UK ; supplying staff to all manner of Events and sporting fixtures  in both the catering and cleaning divisions.

Every year our Calendar fills up with some of the most exciting and prestigious events that the UK has to offer and over the years we have become the go to supplier for all staffing support


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With over 25 years working in the Hotel and Catering world, CJB understand the demands that are placed on Hotels and venues every minute of every day.

As individuals, we have worked ourselves in Kitchens and in Front of House environments, so fully appreciate the need for a quality supplier who can provide Staff that are always in tune with the delivery of services to the highest standards.

With our added dedication to staff Uniform, staff aptitude ,cost effective approach and timekeeping, we are the all-round solution to help you run a smooth business.

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It’s fair to say that most recruitment company personnel have worked in a factory or as a driver in one way shape or form.

CJB is no different with its founder and MD being a HGV qualified driver and its consultants having worked as packers and assembly line supervisors.

CJB Staffing solutions understand the logistics of getting the right staff for the right job and have spent years fine tuning its ability to fully understand each and every client’s needs before engaging staff.

Together with our full H&S compliance and our in-depth interview process, you can be assured CJB will only ever offer staff that suit the requirements.

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In this modern world we see cranes and new skylines being created every day .
CJB has a dedicated team who look after this complex industry and who dedicate their time to ensure all staff are fully equipped with the correct PPE and correct qualifications to ensure a smooth and productive operation.

From 1 Builder to 200 cleaners for a sparkle clean .. nothing is too big or small.

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CJB employs a vast number of cleaning staff to cover every style of cleaning contract.

With some of the nation’s most prestigious clients using our support, our aim has always been to guarantee quality no matter what the location or style of cleaning.

CJB also have an in-depth knowledge of Environmental and recycling criteria so you can always be safe in the knowledge that our staff are trained and compliant.

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CJB Healthcare is a division of CJB Staffing Solutions Ltd which offers Clients and prospective Clients an expertise and capability with a combined 50 years of experience across the team in the contract employment industry.

CJB’s founder and MD, Carl Barry with Healthcare Director James Cook, have both had long and successful careers in recruitment and firmly believe that the essence of successful working relationships within Healthcare is the personal touch, and the ability to understand and deal incisively with the rapid changes that occur in the Healthcare sector in surprisingly short periods of time.

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Email james@cjbhealthcare.co.uk

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The labour hire industry can be broken into two distinct categories .. general staff and high calibre workers.

It’s clear in this modern fast moving age that sometimes the distinction between the two becomes blurred and staff / client expectations become

Tainted with a sub-standard work force that has not lived up to its name.

Here at CJB , we have implemented a specialist division that is solely designed to tailor a client’s requirements and match the expectation with the highest quality of staff possible.

In doing so , we are able to ensure that our clients can book a staff member through CJB PRIME in full knowledge that the end result will more than satisfy the high standards expected of a VIP service.

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Phone 020 3375 4268

Email info@cjbss.co.uk

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